Gossip Girl Fashion Retrospective: Blair Waldorf’s Most Iconic Looks

Maybe I’m just being dramatic, but this feels like the end of an era. I remember constantly running up my parents’ cell phone bill in high school because I could not stop texting my friends during every episode. And even though GG has run its course, I’ll never forget the amazing characters or fabulous fashion that helped shape my high school years.

On that nostalgic note, we’re finishing our Gossip Girl fashion retrospective series with our beloved queen bee– the stunning Blair Waldorf. As a devoted fan of the book series, I was terrified that the TV Blair wouldn’t live up to her fierce reputation. I was so wrong! Leighton Meester brought the lovably-neurotic Blair to life, becoming a fashion icon in the process.

From the manipulative, insecure teen queen of the earlier seasons to the passionate, dedicated fashion mogul we know and love today, Blair inspired both our lives and our closets. It’s SO hard to say goodbye, but below, we’ll give her a sendoff with 5 outfits inspired by our favorite Blair looks.

Read the full story at College Fashion.

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