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Athens Scanner revealed: Behind OU’s top Twitter account

McKnight said that although he gets a kick out of reporting and responding to peoples’ drunken antics, it’s not quite the level of public service he had in mind.

“The tweets that get the most interest are about drunk people passed out,” he said. “It’s almost an anti-intellectual following—we respond better to party things than a real incident with someone hurt or in trouble. It’s just the OU party culture.”

“It comes with the territory,” Colby added. “If we didn’t like OU then we would be disappointed, but we both love OU, so we expect the reaction that we get. There would be nothing without OU here in Athens.”

McKnight’s gravelly southern Ohio drawl and cool demeanor stand in sharp contrast to Colby’s Zuckerberg-esque enthusiasm for new media. The stoic wisecracker and the skinny-armed idea machine make a great team, but McKnight’s unwavering dedication to public access is the clear driving force behind the project. It’s easy to see why some students might shy away from a venture that borders on vigilantism, but McKnight has zero regrets, even if he suspects the police might not be all that fond of him.

“It’s completely legal—it’s public information so there’s not really anything they can do,” McKnight said. “I’m sure they’d rather it not be there—they kind of like to keep everything under wraps. But I think people have the right to know what’s going on.”

Read the full story at Speakeasy Magazine.

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