Five things ‘Pretty Little Liars’ needs to explain right now

Being a “Pretty Little Liars” fan is hard work. What we thought was an awesome show about murder, expertly applied eyeliner and female friendship has become a hot mess of inexplicable character development and terrible Aeropostale-sponsored outfits. We love it either way, but ABC Family has some serious explaining to do. Here are the five things PLL needs to sort out if they want to get back on top of their glossy, blood-splattered game.

Why is everyone obsessed with underage girls? And why is no one doing anything about it? Every time one of these girls cozies up to yet another cute cop, why is no one like, “hey, maybe he’s 30 and a weirdo.” Kudos to ABC Family for not shoving any morals down our throats, but this is one of those issues that maybe we should be warning young viewers about. It’s really not cool to date your teacher/coach/sister’s fiancé/policeman solving your friend’s murder. These aren’t relationships, they’re power plays. Ezra’s passive-aggressive I’m the one you should be closest tospeech to reads like textbook emotional abuse. “Hi, I love you, will you please just stay in this cabin while I try to kill your friends?” So romantic. Please make it clear that these guys are horrible, like, right now.

Read the full story at Speakeasy Magazine.

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